Who We Are

 A tiny team obsessed with showing the world how great tea can be.

Evylutionizing Iced Tea Since 2014

Evy Tea was born when I learned how little tea the iced
tea sold in America had. None of the products on the
market— not one — tasted like the flavorful whole leaf tea I remembered from China. Even the most expensive brands used low-nutrient tea powder left over from industrial processing. (With sugar to mask the bitterness.) What happened to the bright aromas? Where were the fruity notes? As a lifelong tea lover, I wanted to share masterful, otherworldly-delicious tea with the world. We gently cold brew artisanal tea leaves from Asia and Africa. Bringing out the beautiful, rarely-tasted flavors. And naturally intensifying the powerful nutrients. I sincerely believe ours is the best tea you’ll ever try. So keep on sippin!

What We Stand For

We believe that better tea fosters a better world. Every can directly supports the women and minority farmers whose tea you’re tasting — and the ancient artisanship they use to grow it. We’re committed to helping the environment, lifting tea growers out of poverty, and spreading the joy of tea further than ever before.


 We believe tea is the star of the show — not sugar. And we built relationships with small-lot growers of organic tea in Asia and Africa to bring you flavors no other iced tea has. The artisanal, fair trade leaves we use taste so good on their own that all we add is a touch of honey or agave.

Cold Brewed

We pioneered the use of cold brewing techniques with whole leaf tea. Everything from the temperatures we use, to when we layer in our ingredients, to how long we steep for is lovingly engineered to preserve the taste and nutrition of our tea. You’ve never had tea like this before, because no one has made tea like this before.


We understand that great tea is great for you. Our goal is to disturb the tea as little as possible, so you can experience the healing properties and soothing energy that nature invested into this wonderful plant. Trust us: you will feel the difference!