Hi, I'm Evy!

Check out my video below to see how I’m bringing the smoothest, most flavorful iced teas to America

My story begins in the tea country of Southeast China, home to my great grandfather’s tea farm.

At an early age, my independence and innate curiosity became apparent to my parents and teachers. It was clear that I simply did not fit into traditional Chinese culture. So, at the age of 14, I left for Europe, and then received a scholarship to study in the U.S.

Happy, yet homesick, I yearned for the fragrant teas I fondly remembered. In the U.S., I stumbled on aisles of iced teas. Teas that tasted so sweet, I could barely taste the tea. And no wonder, they were mostly sugar water!

Yet, Americans unknowingly were still consuming them daily thinking they were healthy.

Or perhaps, they did not realize that a great tasting, healthier ice tea was possible! This needed to change. I started making cold brew teas in small batches for friends in the back of a pizza factory.

My ultimate recipe became a simple list of organic ingredients, that everyone could pronounce, cold brewed to perfection with just a touch of honey to sweeten.

Smooth, not bitter, with a taste profile that uniquely celebrates its flavorful ingredients, like hibiscus and lavender — Evy Tea was born.

Shortly thereafter, I sold my 1st bottle at Whole Foods. Word spread quickly. Now over 1,200 retail locations across the U.S. offer Evy Tea. I then launched a convenient ready-to-serve bag-in-box format for restaurants, universities, offices, and fast casual locations. In Foodservice we became the first better-for-you iced tea that was readily available on tap.

Proud of our craft. We are bringing the smoothest, most flavorful iced teas to America. Join the EVYLUTION!